Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fab 5!

Last weekend I got together with my 4 very close friends from College. Since we graduated (back in 2008, yikes!) we've only have a few opportunities to get together, as we are all in different parts of the province. Usually we only get to see each other maybe once a year. Boo! Anyways, we were able to get caught up on each others lives and have a few laughs before it was time to say goodbye again. Sigh.

Katie & Myriam
Myself and Myriam hanging out in my apartment before meeting up with the rest of the girls.

With the extra time we had, we decided to make some super happy looking cupcakes for us all to binge on.

Okay so that appears to exhaust my stock of photos from the weekend! Originally I wanted to do a photo montage type o' deal from our little gathering but being so busy with non-stop talking, there wasnt much time for picture taking as you can see. And in my attempt to find a vintage group shot of us ladies, I find myself at a dead end... apparently we're a hard group to get into one picture. Except of course for the photo below!

Post-Grad celebratory meal
Us after our Graduation. Clockwise from far left: Kelly, Jaclyn, Myriam, Katie and Shannon in centre.

Of course this isnt an authentic group photo. Shannon wasn't able to make it to our Graduation so we planned this photo around an empty chair and I photoshopped her in afterwards. Sneaky.

Until next year! <3!