Sunday, May 2, 2010

New F3!

Welcome to F3: Fashion, Food and Friends.

After spending loads and loads of time creeping other blogs we decided to start our own. Our plan is to share with the reader what inspires us... what makes us happy (i.e cookies! shoes! kitties!). This is a lifestyle. What we wear, what we eat and who/what inspire us from day to day will really be the focus.

Who are we? We're Kate and Katie. Hopefully you'll be able to tell the difference. We're currently building ideas on entry concepts and trend stories, which we plan to post weekly. We'd love feedback of any kind from whoever is out there. This may be slow building but we have HUGE plans for this blog! HUUUGE!

Take care!
hoogs and keeses
Katie and Kate


  1. cute cute cute!! i'm excited to see moAR!!

  2. Ooooh, Blooooooog! :) Good for you, ladies. I'll be readin'...