Wednesday, May 5, 2010

... Eat These Buttons!

For our first mini project we decided to start small and easy. Easy is key! Being that we are frequent visitors to Bakerella, we knew immediately what our starting point was... but narrowing down all those options was difficult.

 Oh Bakerella… you’re like magic.

 In the end, after wiping the drool from our chins, we decided on Peanut Butter Button Cookies! Huzzah!

Recipe is simple. Just grab an instant peanut butter cookie mix and whip it up. Seriously. Easy. The overall quality of the cookie isn’t half bad – it baked up nice and chewy which is exactly how we like our peanut butter cookies to be.

Once the dough is good to go, you roll up each cookie into even sized balls. Bakerella uses a pop bottle cap as her guide so we did too and it’s really the perfect size.

Place the balls on a non-greased cookie sheet; we got 16 on at a time. The cookies will spread while baking so make sure there is sufficient amount of space between each one. 

As soon as you pull those suckers out of the oven, you should begin the button-making process. You gotta work fast.  Grab the pop bottle cap and use the top/flat side to press the middle of each cookie downwards. By doing so, you end up forcing the outer edge upwards giving a raised button edge look. After that, you need to poke out the holes using a straw. Our first try resulted in the straw tip melting slightly. Yikes. Just keep that in mind if you decide to try this. We also had some technical difficulties with punching the holes. Sometimes it came out cleanly in the straw and other times it did not. Be prepared with tooth picks or any other object to remove the excess left behind in the holes.

Once they’ve cooled down, you can move on to the best part: Dipping in candy melts! This is the tastiest mess you’ll ever make. We went for bright, happy Spring colours and accompanied that with sprinkles and glitter and magic and happiness. So Voila! Peanut butter Cookie Buttons! They’re cute, yummy and will probably make you some new friends.

It wasn’t all perfect though and we did have some casualties along the way. Lets take a moment to remember the broken and crumbled.

Katie & Kate for F3


  1. Luvs it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like seriously.
    Amazing! <3
    -Sara Imrie

  2. Oh man, those look delicious! I made ice cream cone cupcakes for Julia R's birthday, and they were ALMOST as cute as these. :) Not quite, though.