Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dress Dilemma


One of our friends is getting married in September and I like to remind her that there are "X" amount of days left until the wedding. However, the lower that number gets the more I realize that I too have something to be worried about: I have nothing to wear! Okay, okay... I know my situation is nowhere near as dire as hers must be but I'm allowed to be overwhelmed too. Right?

I've gone out a few times but its hard to stay focused. Also, I have this bad habit of buying my clothes in black and I dont want to fall into the same pattern for this dress. My first round of dress shopping resulted in me trying on five black dresses! During my second round I think I squeezed in the colour grey somewhere. Thats progress right? Ugh.

And get this, Kate's got TWO dresses in mind to choose from. Jealous!

Anyways, sorry for the lack of posts! We're working on it so keep checking in!

Katie for F3


  1. i think it ok nowadays to wear black in a wedding. i want to attend someone's wedding too. it's been so long since i last attended a wedding. weddings are always such beautiful events.

  2. I wore black a few times. You're fine haha.