Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Apple Crisp

So imagine 10lbs...  now imagine 10lbs of apples. That's a lot of apples. Kate and I decided that the best way to handle it was to divide them up and each work on baking up different apple creations. Otherwise we'd be toting a couple of apples to work each day, trying desperately to finish them before they went bad. Maybe to some people thats okay but I'm not exactly an apple person. The idea of an endless amount of apples was a tad daunting to me. So we were off! Each with our own apple baking idea.

**I cant believe I used the word 'apple' in EVERY SINGLE ONE of the sentences above! Sorry for the repetition**

The only apple baked thing that stands out in my mind is Apple Crisp. My mom would make it a lot for my siblings and I while we were growing up. Since I've been out on my own for quite a few years I honestly cannot remember the last time I had any! Lucky for me I was taking a trip home to my parents in Guelph and thought it would be a dandy idea to drag my apples along. Somehow I managed to talk my Mom into baking them up for me in her traditional apple crisp way. Huzzah! I wanted to help and figure out the recipe so I could post it here but she pretty much wings it each time. After a quick check on the internet, a very similiar recipe to hers can be found at very convenient website title.

Blending up the "crisp" ingredients.

Pre-Baked Crisp.

Post-Baked Crisp. Mmmmm!

On top of all that, it was my Mom's birthday weekend! Now before you go thinking I'm a terrible daughter, making my mom bake away my apple troubles, see below! My sister Kirstie and I had some fun and made some love inspired cupcakes for my Mom. <3!

W is for Wendy!

Katie for F3


  1. Are you bringing any of these goodies to work?!? Love it! Great shots!

  2. oh my.. i'm drooling right now. haven't had breakfast and i see this. yum yum!