Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stasia and Rob's Wedding


Congratulations to Stasia and Rob who tied the knot on September 5th! I know this post is waaay over due... but I finally have some time to share a few photos with you guys. Remember how I had problems getting a dress? Well I had a lot of people reinforce the idea that wearing black to a wedding was fine and so I thank you for that because I found the best black dress! and for cheap! Hurray!

Thanks to our friend Julie Yan over at The Photo Pantry for the pictures! You worked very hard that day! Also, people! Please check out her blog! If you like food and you like photography then it's the place for you! It's very, very yummy.

Classic fight for the bouquet
Doing the classic "GIVE ME THE BOUQUET!" photo op. Good times.

Dance time!
Kate (right) and myself "cutting a rug". Please ignore my awkward dancey hand gestures.

More dancey
I have a feeling we were dancing to "Single Ladies" at this point. Put your hands up?

Again, a warm congratulations to our friend Stasia and her new husband Rob! It was a great wedding and I had a blast! First comes love.. then comes marriage... then comes that thing that I'm not allowed to mention. :)

Katie for F3


  1. Hmm ... what is it that you cannot mention? Thanks for the photo credit!!! And you both looked fabulous at the wedding!

  2. Such cute photos. Love the dancey hands!

  3. Who doesn't love adorable K80 dance-hands??? :D Great dress!