Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Let's go to the Ex!

Well folks, it's September. The summer months are behind us and it's only a matter of time before Fall is officially here. One thing to look forward to during this transition is something of a favourite for Torontonians (and those in the Toronto area): The CNE! 

The Canadian National Exhibition, or The Ex to those more familiar with the annual event, is an 18 day extravaganza including food, entertainment, midway rides and games. This past Labour Day Monday brought an end to the CNE, so F3 decided to join the party before it packed up and disappeared for another year.
Katie crossing the bridge to the CNE. The Jonas Bros. were playing at the Amphitheatre on the other end of the bridge. Many-a-young girl were passing by with glittery signs and giant smiles. The excitement was contagious.
Kate takes a moment to pose with a giant pink Teddy. Check out the cage of stuffed animals behind her!
Food item #1: Poutine! But here's the twist.. it's Mexican style. It was amazing! They take a traditional poutine (for anyone needing an explanation, poutine is french fries with cheese curds and gravy) and add a generous helping of lettuce, tomatoes, beef, jalapenos, sour cream and guacamole. Other options included "The Canadian" with strips of bacon or "The Lumberjack" which had sausage and a fried egg stacked on top. Say whaaaat?

Food Item #2: It's a Cheeseburger in a Bag!! Throw in cheeseburger-esque ingredients into a Doritos chip bag, shake it up and say hello to noms!
We stopped by the farm area to say hello to some animal friends. I'm pretty sure that these Alpaca have their hair coifed and maintained more frequently than we do.

Coy Lamb. Breaking our hearts with its cuteness.

There were also some cows... but after an unfortunate incident involving a cow's mouth and Kate's shirt I'm sad to say that she is still feeling bitter from the experience. We dont like to talk about.
Lights of the midway. A great summer night with lots of buzz and excitement.
Food Item #3: Deep Fried Butter Balls. I know, I know. You're probably thinking about how terrible and unhealthy these things are. And actually, you'd be right. We did not like these at all but we have no regrets. You only live once I guess. There was much hype built up around these guys and people stood in line for an hour or more just to get them! Not us though, I think it took 10 minutes and some moments of narsty PDA from the couple ahead of us. Hmm.. maybe that affected our appetites?

Food Item #4: Chocolate Covered Bacon. One word: Mouthgasm!

All in all, the Ex was great! Neither of us had been in quite a few years so it was good to get that feeling back. I think this photo shows just how much we enjoyed it! .. as well as how much we love the bacon...

Kate & Katie for F3

p.s. If you're feeling like you need some more eye candy, please visit our Facebook group and check out more photos from the day!

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