Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's talk eyetalk

It all started when our friend showed us this link. It blew our minds! We thought it was insane how a little eye glue and some make up (okay, a lot of make up) could make a person look so different. While Kate was on Vacation visiting her family in Hong Kong, she was able to snag up a bottle of this stuff. Time to experiment!

We are aware of the surgery that exists for this very thing but we arent here to make any commentary on that.. or to encourage/discourage anyone having this done. Really, the glue is just for fun for us. Katie didnt want to feel left out, so she tried out the glue too. We thought about doing a serious product test and comparison but.. naaah, we didnt want to take it too seriously.

Thanks to the magic of youtube, we watched the tutorial and were ready to go!

Kate finds her sweet spot.

Katie works on packing on the glue.

Using the stick to create the crease.

Using stick to shape already existing crease.

Finished eye (on Kate's left) vs. Regular eye

Finished eye (on Katie's right) vs. Regular eye

Final thoughts?

Kate says: the glue works like magic to make my eyes look bigger, but at the end I do not recognize myself after the applications.  The glue was quite uncomfortable as if something is pulling up my eyelids and not letting me blink!  I think it is a FUN product and does magic for those who has minimal eye creases... but at the end I prefer what my parents gave me

Katie says: It was hard to look at things normally. I had to tilt my head downwards when looking at things so that my eyes could sit comfortably. The glue basically swallowed my eyelid and blinking felt terrible. It's a neat way to reshape your crease and eye shape.. but I found out what I already knew: eyelid glue does not work on my non-asian eye. Jealous!


  1. for me, anything that has to do with changing the look of your eyes is a no no. yes, appreciate what your parents gave you. haha!! unless they're like major flaws or hinders you from seeing properly. in those cases, see a doctor. but things like this DIY surgery is scary for me.

  2. Why *not* comment on the seriousness of it? Just because this is a fashion blog doesn't mean you can't have your own opinions on beauty issues.

    Personally I couldn't tell for sure which eye had it on until I read the text underneath. Perception is everything I guess.

  3. thank you for your comments!
    I personally do not condole any surgery - I am an all natural gal - I believe in working with what your parents gave ya!

    Unfortunately, when I was growing up in Asia, I see many people have the desire to have the "Double eyelids" - which make people believe their eyes to look bigger or more western. Thankfully, my parents have taught me to believe in my natural beauty, nor some artificial beauty that major society desires.

    This desire of having double eyelids has leaded to MANY types of products in Asia to create the look - hence this glue or "eyelid tape". The perception of beauty differs from culture to culture: some desire to have lighter skin, some desires to have darker skins, straight hair, curly hair etc. - hence many products that are being sold in the world. I am sure it is difficult for all of us to not to suck into what the society perceive as beautiful.

    This post is about the eye glue product itself, not about the drastic plastic surgery. We were curious and wanted to know if this product was really worth it and actually made a difference. Thank god, this product was just temporary and can be clean with just some warm water! (phew! I would hate my eyelids to be pulled up ALL DAY!)

    The main reason why we have this blog to express our VERY OWN opinions, we are not telling you what to think, but to let people know what is norm outside our North American bubble, and to form your own judgment on the subject. We love to hear all what you think.

    lastly, what we think is right may be wrong for other... or vice versa ;)

    Kate for F3

  4. This is nuts haha. But I've nominated you ladies for an award! Love your blog: