Sunday, July 18, 2010

The most beautiful Bride-to-be

I still recalled my first meeting with Cheryl 15 years ago in the hallway of our middle school.  Recognized by our nationality, which the school principle thought, “they OUGHT to be friends!”

There are endless amount of words to describe my dearest friend, Cheryl, but beautiful, charming, kindhearted, loyal & adoring are the first that come to my mind.

When Cheryl got engaged to her wonderful fiancé, Richard last year, the bridal party couldn’t think of a better idea than a Tiffany’s Blue Bridal shower to suits her enchanting personality. 

Naturally, I have created a Tiffany’s Blue dessert table, adorned with Vanilla butter cream cupcake, Chocolate Ganache Macaron, Sugar Cookies, and Cheryl’s favorite – Lemon Squares.

Congratulations Cheryl & Richard! I love you both very much! I can’t wait to attend your wedding!

Kate for F3

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  1. she's beautiful.. all girls are beautiful when they're getting married. and those cupcakes are lovely too.