Monday, July 5, 2010

All About AOP

Using all over print, or as we in the "industry" like to call AOP (hint of sarcasm there), is an easy way to play up an outfit and give it character. These days it's hard not to notice the surge of fun, quirky motifs that seem to be filling stores (and our closets). It seems all we want to do is cover our bodies in them! An all over body all over print, mayhaps? Yeah no...sorry, getting carried away here.

On Katie
Swallow Print Dress: Zara, Belts: Vintage, Rain Boots: Vivienne Westwood, Umbrella: Zara, Bow Ring: Topshop, Scissors Necklace: Somewhere along Queen St E.

On Kate
Bunny Shirt: French Connection, Short: Uniqlo, Belt: Vintage Belt from Atlantic Home, Cat Maryjanes: Miu Miu, Ring: Forever 21

Katie & Kate for F3


  1. Adorable outfits!!

  2. Fabulous! Remind me that I have a proposition for you ladies...

  3. Waaaw I'm fan of this CatSHOES. :D

  4. You're both ADORABLE! Absolutely love both the Vivienne Westwood rainboots and Miu Miu heels.