Sunday, July 4, 2010

Did I buy Chloë Sevigny's shoes?

I am a BIG eBay fan - to buy & to sell.

I recently bought this pair of beauties off an ebay store which is run by Hilary Rosenman, a NYC jewlery designer.  She sells new & used items from her personal collection, Charlotte Ronsons & an annoymous celebrity.

So.. this pair of shoes belonged to an anonymous celebrity, who used to be a model & is now an actress.

I didn't come to think too much of it... until I rec'd the package with a note card from Miu Miu attentioned to "Chloe".

seriously... am I obsessive? or did these shoes actually belong to Chloë Sevigny? She modeled for Miu Miu Spring 1996 collection.... and she wears Sz 38, which is the size of shoes I purchased?

What do you guys think? Chloë? or am I crazy?

Kate for F3


  1. Wow...that's just to coincidental. But gorgeous shoes none the less. Enjoy them!

  2. MEOW! You lucky duck! I want. Drool...

  3. idk if it's chloe but those shoes are the bomb!

  4. Wow! The shoes are absolutely fabulous and I'm totally sold that they belonged to Chloe. Congrats on such an amazing find!!!

  5. i totally buy it they are chloe's!!!
    by the way, could you share the name of ebay shop you bought them from?
    they are amazing!!!